*Didattica/ Ricerca

Docugraphy brings together research and teaching experiences that combine the use of audiovisual tools, documentary filmmaking and territorial research conducted at the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Humanities. of territory and landscape, University of Milan.

Studi sul Qui

*Research residency / Ideation and organization.

Studi sul Qui (Studies on the Here) is a project of territorial research and storytelling.

It aims to create a "deep map" on the present of places and communities, based on narratives and territorial observation. 

The "first season" of the project took place in 2019 in Jovençan (AO), the second in Oppido Lucano (PT) in 2022.

Concept and organization (with Daniele Ietri)

Piccole lingue doc

*Festival / Selection Committee

Piccole lingue DOC (Small DOC languages) is the special section of the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen,created in 2020, dedicated to documentaries minoranze linguistiche, The session is in collaboration with the Free University of Bolzano..

The section hosts documentaries on language minorities and territorial issues, or in which minority languages are used as a spoken language.

The section is curated by linguists Silvia dal Negro and Daniela Veronesi and by and Daniele Ietri and Eleonora Mastropietro of Associazione La Fournaise.

Pianeta città

*Exhibition / Scientific Committee / Installation

Exibition Pianeta città. Arti cinema musica design nella Collezione Rota 1900-2021 (Planet City. Arts cinema music design in the Rota Collection 1900-2021), held from July 9 to October 24, 2021 in Lucca at the Fondazione Ragghianti,with support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca and sponsorship by Banco BPM.
The exhibition is dedicated to the theme of the city and the transmission of knowledge, analyzed mainly through the countless pieces from the collection of architect Italo Rota.

The exhibition was designed by Paolo Bolpagni, Aldo Colonetti and Italo Rota.

Scientific committee participation with Gianni Canova, Daniele Ietri, Francesco Careri e Alessandro Romanini.

Direction of three video installations and the documentary "Planet Rota" exposed as part of the exhibition.

La Fournaise

*Cultural association / Founding member

Associazione La Fournaise implements cultural projects and dissemination activities related to the territory and local development and documentary filmmaking.